Inspiration #1

One of Laskasas’ proposals for a double room, with a desk and two single beds, elegantly joined, allowing the versatility essential for different types of visitors. The design of the beds allows harmony in the way the imposing headboards come together, maintaining sophistication when separated.

Inspiration #2

Two beds with high headboards, at the foot of which a stool allows clothes to rest, or a hairdresser as exemplified here. The bedside tables, with drawer and lower tray, support a Laskasas lighting solution, in the form of a marble and wood table lamp.

Inspiration #3

The bed with a wide headboard features an integration of the climate controls here. The headboard is divided into 2 parts, when both beds are together it becomes a division into 4 equal parts. Beside the bed, two wooden bedside tables with 2 drawers and at the foot of the bed, a trunk that also serves as a stool.

Sugestão #4

Duas camas com cabeceira alta, aos pés das quais uma banqueta permite repousar roupa, ou um tabeleiro como exemplificado aqui. As mesas de cabeceira, com gaveta e tabuleiro inferior, suportam uma solução de iluminação da Laskasas, na forma de um candeeiro de mesa em mármore e madeira.