Laskasas Hotel Project

This partnership of Laskasas with Vila Galé, for the decoration of the Alter Collection Real, in Alter do Chão, is part of an investment of 2 million euros by the hotel group in this unit, inspired by the Alentejo traditions.

Equestrian themes and rustic decor

This inspiration is evidenced in the equestrian-themed exhibitions and activities that are offered, in addition to the SPA section and one for conferences, all supported by an offer of 77 rooms and 3 outdoor pools. From the common spaces to the rooms, the Laskasas team carried out the decoration of this new development.

Produced in Portugal

The hotel, which has 100% Portuguese furniture production, was created after the Vila Galé group won the Coudelaria de Alter do Chão concession, a historic space that it converted and recovered under the Revive program, with the collaboration of Laskasas. See the final result!