Turim Oporto Hotel

Laskasas went to the heart of Porto to give its unique touch of decoration to the most recent hotel in the city centre. The Turim Oporto Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is located in Praça da Trindade and has 100 rooms.


Canal Beach Nature Resort

Located in the heart of the Costa Vicentina, Praia do Canal Nature Resort is a major reference in the sector and the ideal destination for those travelling alone or with family. There are more than 50 rooms and common areas, specially designed to reflect nature in its purest state, with warm colours throughout the year.

Eurostars Aliados

Also known as Edificio Garantia, this iconic building from the mid-20th century will be transformed into a 5-star Eurostars hotel. The recovery was the responsibility of Ferreira Build Power, which found in Laskasas a partner for the interior of this enterprise.

Eurostars Aliados - Laskasas (30)

Vila Galé Porto Ribeira

Facing one of the most iconic landscapes of the city of Porto, this beautiful development shows a facade completely integrated into the landscape, further embellishing the already fascinating riverside area.

Nogueiras Restaurant

Rustic, classic and welcoming decor, where brown and wood take on royalty, invoking magic and calling it a bygone era and bringing it to the present, for a dinner for two or a meeting of friends

Vila Galé Évora

Located in a city where history and tradition predominate and encourage a visit, Vila Galé de Évora now gains a new definition of modernity and cosiness, in this Laskasas hotel decoration

Braga Signature Apartments

Located in the unique historic center of the city of Braga, this 10-room guest house is yet another Laskasas project worth admiring. Beautiful in its simplicity, impressive in the combination of cream and blue tones, it is an example of how the timeless design of Laskasas pieces can be applied to a modern, yet cozy space.

Vila Galé Sintra

Full of liveliness, the new Hotel Vila Galé Sintra is yet another project of pride for the Laskasas team. Working with one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reference in the hotel industry in Portugal, is always an extra motivation, it makes us go further, as we know the memorable comfort experience that guests expect.